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The Benefits of Biometric Verification

Biometric verification is a process in which the person’s fingerprint or facial photo is compared with the person’s image on a trusted identity document. If the picture matches, the individual is verified. If the photograph does not match, the person is asked to authenticate with a unique identification code. This process requires two parameters: a photo and a fingerprint. A DNA sample can only be verified by a human. But DNA scanners can verify up to five factors, including a … Continue reading “The Benefits of Biometric Verification”

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The Importance Of Document Scanning

Document Scanning is a high-level method for beginning user relationships right from the beginning of the project. If used for transaction authentication, both in-store and online, Document Verification helps clients to: Verify private information like date of birth, driving license, social security numbers, etc., from the files. Customers can also verify their identities on applications by using their own Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) or passwords. In addition, customers can verify the authenticity of business documents such as invoices, receipts, contracts, … Continue reading “The Importance Of Document Scanning”

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Advantages of Open Banking API

It is becoming more and more common for companies to preform identity checks on their costumers online. This can make processes easier for both customer and company, not to mention it makes it simpler and faster to access a service without compromising safety. With open banking API companies are allowed to access information about their customers directly through the customer’s banks. This means that identification information that has already been stored in the bank can be used to verify the … Continue reading “Advantages of Open Banking API”

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Robotics and Their Use

The leading producer of industrial robots worldwide, ABB industrial robot owners now have a new source of high-quality spare parts from around the globe and all with a one-year warranty. With over 30 years of experience operating with ABB industrial robots, Robot Spares crews have the technological expertise to provide industry-leading support and expert training. The world’s biggest industrial robot maker, ABB, now provides world-class spares and accessories for its line of AABB industrial robots. ABB continues to lead the … Continue reading “Robotics and Their Use”

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The Benefits of News Coverage Online

In a time when access to the news is easier than ever and information is available to people in almost any country, news coverage has a major role to play. Whether it’s covering an event that’s happening locally or around the world, or something that has occurred in your community, the news is a valuable commodity. With a limited amount of news outlets, relying on local and national newspapers for your news can be difficult. There are other options to … Continue reading “The Benefits of News Coverage Online”

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What’s the Best Way to Make Money?

Reportage is the process of collecting personal data from people who have given permission to the data collector to collect it. It may be about census records, sales, births, deaths, driving, property surveys and so on. The collected data may be used for any lawful purpose. It can be given as a sample to advertisers or as statistical data to a researcher for scientific studies. There are two main types of reportage available. Royalty-free and permission-based reportage. Both have advantages … Continue reading “What’s the Best Way to Make Money?”