Robotics and Their Use

The leading producer of industrial robots worldwide, ABB industrial robot owners now have a new source of high-quality spare parts from around the globe and all with a one-year warranty. With over 30 years of experience operating with ABB industrial robots, Robot Spares crews have the technological expertise to provide industry-leading support and expert training. The world’s biggest industrial robot maker, ABB, now provides world-class spares and accessories for its line of AABB industrial robots. ABB continues to lead the world in offering industrial applications that are more precise and require the most advanced technology.

In recent years, ABB has expanded its product offerings by offering more complete lines of robots and distributors around the world. Along with expanding its product offerings, ABB has also begun to sell and install robot spare parts worldwide. This effort is geared toward meeting the needs of fast-moving industry, where spare parts are vital to maintaining and running machinery on a day-to-day basis. Robot spare parts allow ABB to remain a leader in the industry and win the trust of consumers. ABB distributors are capable of selling and installing AABB brand parts for general purpose and heavy-duty trucks, along with industrial and specialized applications.

ABB industrial & Automotive group manufactures and sells robots worldwide. The group’s wide range of AABB robotic parts includes dust sensors, heat sensors, engine controls, transmission and drive belts, generators, fluid detectors, power units, sensors for air conditioning and refrigeration, etc. The company’s line of robots spans over every major industry. Some of the industry segments served by ABB include automotive, aerospace & defense, heating & ventilation, manufacturing, oil & gas, rubber & plastic, etc. To meet customer demands, ABB manufactures industrial & automated parts in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit the specifications of all types of robots.

Robot spare parts available

The extensive range of robot spare parts available from the world market includes robot power supplies, robot welding guns, laser levelers, robot tools, torch accessories, robot drills, etc. The Robot Power Supplies includes DC/DC and AC adaptors, etc., that are specially designed to charge or discharging a robot battery. One type of power supply that is gaining popularity worldwide is the robot welding guns. Used together with welding guns, these robot parts combine the functions of both welding guns and power supplies.

In addition, ABB also manufactures a wide range of industrial robots and related software and components. Many leading manufacturers such as ABB, Fleck, Kuka, UTI, Pajeros, Xeler, Sycom, Nilfisk and Stratos provide high quality parts and accessories to meet customer demands. For example, Nilfisk offers industrial robots accessories that are engineered for high performance, reliability and availability. Other popular manufacturers include Xeler and Sycom.

Robotics industry since the early 1950’s

ABB has been in the robotics industry since the early 1950’s and it have made significant contributions to the field of robotics. As a pioneer in the field of industrial robots, ABB has made a significant contribution to the worldwide market for power supplies, servo motors and other robot consumables. The uniqueness of ABB products lies in the fact that they incorporate superior design and engineering, along with world-class manufacturing processes that produce world-class products that meet or exceed the requirements of customers around the world.