What’s the Best Way to Make Money?

Reportage is the process of collecting personal data from people who have given permission to the data collector to collect it. It may be about census records, sales, births, deaths, driving, property surveys and so on. The collected data may be used for any lawful purpose. It can be given as a sample to advertisers or as statistical data to a researcher for scientific studies.

There are two main types of reportage available. Royalty-free and permission-based reportage. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

Royalty-free reportage means the data has been collected and is now available to people who are entitled to receive it for whatever lawful purpose. For example the data could be given to a charity for statistical purposes. In such cases the data belongs to the charity and the reportage companies get paid only if the customers make a purchase. Royalty-free reportage companies also offer guarantees. This assurance is usually for a limited period and the customer can renew the guarantee if he or she wants.

Permission-based reportage is the traditional way of collecting data. Data is collected by the companies on individuals who apply for the right to be surveyed. Usually the companies pay an entrance fee to the person who signs up and pays the company for the data. Sometimes the companies also charge an administrative fee which is subtracted from the amount that the customer pays to the survey company. The remaining amount is then given to the customer.

There are many advantages of doing this form of reportage. Firstly the companies can ensure a representative sample of the actual customer base. More companies apply for the privilege of being a member of the reportage company and some of them do not make it clear that they do not make money from the sold data. Some companies do not put the data available in their reports at all because the information is available for free.

Paid reportage on the other hand is quite different. The main advantage is that you have complete control over what is placed in your report. Data that is available for sale has already been collated and analyzed. You therefore know beforehand how much you are going to make and this gives you the freedom to place the adverts accordingly. However there are some disadvantages too.

Royalty-free reportage companies also offer guarantees

One of the major disadvantages of making money through reportage is that you are limited by the fees that the companies charge you. If you choose to go for a free reportage service you will be charged a flat fee. In the case of paid services you will most likely be charged a monthly fee. This means that you need to cover your costs and make sure that the money from the sale goes directly to you.

It is worth remembering that when people are asked ‘What’s the best way to make money?’ they will almost always answer ‘making money through reportage’. There are numerous advantages of doing this and many of them come from having complete control. You can choose when and how you place the adverts and you can decide exactly how much money you want to make.